Mortgage Participation Fund

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The mortgage Participation Fund (MPF) is a short-term variable rate investment programme that provides investors with high returns, safety of capital and full access to their funds.



Type of Investment
The MPF is a Mutual Fund.
Interest Rate
Variable. The rate is set at the beginning of each month. Please contact Home Mortgage Bank for the current rate. Effective September, 2016 the MPF Annualize Rate has increase from: 1.35% p.a. to 1.50% p.a.
Interest Rate Basis
 Interest rate is accrued daily and paid monthly.
Interest Payment Options
(A) Reinvested monthly, or (B) Interest credited electronically to your bank account monthly.
Minimum Investment $500
This is waived for investors who wish to make weekly/monthly investments. Investments can be made using cheques, “Post Dated” cheques, salary deductions or standing orders sent directly to our office, or linx; we do not accept cash.
100% backed by residential mortgages and/or mortgage backed securites,and the bank’s corporate guarantee.
Quarterly, semi annually, or annually.
Notice to Withdraw
Nil. Redemption cheques are prepared immediately upon request. Cheques are payable to the investor.
Joint Account



  • Any two (2) forms of identification (National Identification Card, Passport, Driver’s Permit),
  • Details of current or past employment,
  • Verification of address (utility bill etc.).

Company Account

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of the latest Annual Return of the Company
  • A letter from the Company stating the signatories to the account and their signing limits.

Investors can nominate beneficiaries for the investment (Must provide a copy of beneficiary’s ID).